To our beloved security community:

Due to the unpredictable nature of the COVID-19 crisis, BSides Las Vegas (BSLV) has been forced to act based on best guesses and a huge dose of caution. As a team, we are optimistic, but we cannot tell you at this time whether or not BSides Las Vegas 2020 will take place this August. As things stand today, we are moving forward as if nothing will change and the show will happen as planned.

The Board of Directors will make the final decision about cancellation by June 5, 2020. In the meantime, the staff of BSLV will continue all of their usual planning activities, with one alteration.

The Donor Drive will not begin April 1, 2020 as planned. The Donor Drive is currently scheduled to open May 1, 2020, and conclude on May 31, 2020.

For your planning purposes:

  • All donations through the Donor Drive are refundable.
  • Folks who have made room reservations on the BSLV room block may cancel their bookings according to the hotel’s cancellation policy. The room block is currently sold out, but that may fluctuate. Please watch Twitter for information.
  • Sponsors who have committed to support BSides Las Vegas can have their sponsorship dollars refunded in full or in part, in the unfortunate event we have to cancel the conference. However, we ask that you talk to our Sponsor Operations team about rolling your support forward.

While we hope that the threat of this particularly virulent contagion has passed when next we meet in Las Vegas, we are working with our venues in order to be sure we are doing everything reasonably possible to reduce the risk to our staff, volunteers, and participants.

To that end, we have:

  • Confirmed with the hotels that their sanitizing practices for hotel rooms and conference spaces go beyond the minimum recommended by the Southern Nevada Health District. Hospital-grade sanitizers are being employed in addition to more thorough, more careful cleaning of all surfaces.
  • Discussed changing the way our catering is served in order to minimize transmission vectors. Food will be served in individual portions where possible or attendants will serve guests from buffets.

And we will:

  • Distribute sanitizing wipes to our roaming SafetyOps volunteers so that they may wipe down high-touch surfaces (door handles, registration tables, etc) on their rounds.
  • Deploy automatic hand sanitizer dispenser stations in high traffic areas.

We ask that you:

  • Watch our website and Twitter for further information.

Take care of yourselves and your people. Reach out to your community. Send us any must-stream talks or shows and we’ll share good stuff with you! If you have any questions, please reach out via Twitter, @BSidesLV, or email


Thank you for your support!